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Dairy Allergies

When it comes to food allergies, dairy ranks near the top of causes or magnifier of symptoms. Yet, it is often overlooked by parents and doctors.

milk allergy

First, what is a food allergy?  A food allergy is any food that causes reactions in the body. The immune system senses this and thus, symptoms are caused. These symptoms include rash, itching, hives, swelling of throat, tongue or lips, breathing difficulties, vomiting, stomach pain, or even anxiety. Dairy allergies will often times produce bloody stools which are most common with infants.

Milk is a very common allergen and this includes cow, sheep, and goats. When allergic to these, the body reacts quickly and often times violently.

Researchers have found that the make-up of milk, including the protein type is the most likely cause of the dairy allergy. These two proteins are whey and casein. The casein protein makes up about 80% of the milk protein and whey the remaining 20%.

This brings us to the question of what can be done so as to live a normal life and avoid these harmful milk products. You can avoid milk products altogether, or use a suitable substitute. Many people are completely unaware of the camel milk as a substitute. Raw camel milk or properly pasteurized camel milk is nutritious and void of the harmful proteins found in cow or goat based dairy products. You can also find camel cheese and even camel chocolate.

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